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Angelica Montana



Magical talent

Her song spells always work


Guido Petrocchi (father) Mrs. Petrocchi (mother) Marco Petrocchi (brother) Renata Petrocchi (sister) Roberto Petrocchi (brother)


Casa Petrocchi, Caprona, Italy, Twelve-A

Angelica Petrocchi is a member of the Casa Petrocchi, a spell-house. Angelica has interesting magic in that her spells always work, but never in the manner she intends.


Early life[]

Angelica was born into the Casa Petrocchi in Caprona, Italy. As a child in the prominent Casa Petrocchi, she started learning spells at a very early age. Unfortunately, Angelica is tone-deaf, and as the spells in Caprona are most often cast via song, the combination of singing the notes wrong and other errors she makes results in effects that are often unintended. As a child Angelica gained a reputation throughout Caprona because one of her first spells turned her father green. After that, the family made sure she used spells only inside the Petrocchi household. As she put it "And my spells always work, that's the worst of it. I've turned my family all colors of the rainbow, I've turned the baby's bath water into wine, and wine into gravy. I turned my own head back to front once." Even so, Angelica's elder sister Renata believes in her and has said that her spells always have "a mad kind of reasonableness" and has even referred to Angelica as a "back-to-front genius" as her spells do always work.

Events in The Magicians of Caprona[]

She was kidnapped by the White Devil, a powerful enchanter, in order to stop her Casa from producing war-spells, so Caprona would be destroyed in a war with several of the closest city-states. Angelica is placed in captivity with Tonino Montana, kidnapped for the same purpose. Through their own ingenuity, abilities, and help from the Duke, they are able to escape and even become friends. They end up saving Caprona with the assistance of their siblings and the Angel of Caprona. Chrestomanci himself remarked on her abilities, stating that she is possibly one of the strongest members of her Casa, especially if she learns how to use her ability.

Physical description[]

Angelica is described in the books as having reddish hair, thin legs, and a "prim, pointed face" with a large bulging forehead.