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Charles Morgan is a student at Larwood House. On a more important, literary level, he is one of three viewpoint characters through which the narrative is perceived, the others being Nan Pilgrim and Brian Wentworth[1]. Hence, a sizeable chunk of the story is narrated from his perspective. One of his habits is keeping journal entries written in code; while at first glance his journal entries consist of nonsense, in fact they contain deeper meanings which only he himself knows[2]. He has an already extensive history with witchcraft, from his purveyance of public witch burnings on television as a child, to having to deal with a witch on the run from the law.[3] Another fundamental aspect of his character is that he absolutely despises life at Larwood House.[4] His narrative arc revolves around his discovery of his inherent magical abilities, which involves:

  • Causing his athletic equipment to disappear.[5]
  • Cursing Simon Silverson with the ability to manipulate reality.
  • Discovering that fire is harmful to witches.[6]
  • Causing a rainfall of shoes in the kitchen.[7]