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An enchanter is a practitioner of enchanter's magic, the strongest type of magic. The female practitioners are called enchantresses. This type of magic used by enchanters are implied to be different from other varieties, such as magician's magic or witches and/or warlock's brand of magic. This, however, does not imply that enchanters are incapable of performing these other, more conventional, varieties of magic; rather their abilities are inclusive of and supersedes these other varieties. Typically, the magic of enchanters have a personified, intuitive dimension to it.

Abilities that are typical of enchanter's magic include the abili ty to conjure and banish fire, to teleport things from place to place, to make things invisible, and to see the invisible through witch-sight.

It is also implied that an enchanter can have more than one life, with the maximum number of attainable lives being limited to nine - withe reference to the fact that there are only nine worlds to a series. Whether or not enchanters posessing more than one, but less than nine, lives exist is a matter of speculation. Whether there is an exact correlation between the number of lives and the strength of their magic is also unconfirmed, given that Millie (or the living Asheth) was a formidable enchanter in her own right while posessing only one life.

Enchanters are generally depicted as the strongest type of magic users in all the related worlds. It has been said the power of an enchanter is at least ten times as strong as the strongest witch or warlock (and many besides) with the powers of a nine lived enchanter being considerably stronger. Certain characters, such as Antonio Montana Jr. (and even Eric Chant in Charmed Life) have noted a striking quality in the physical appearance of enchanters: that their eyes seem to be peculiarly striking in a way that it 'spills the brilliance' over the rest of their features.

Types of Enchanter[]

Nine-lifed enchanter[]

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One of the rarest types of enchanter is the nine-lifed enchanter. Only nine-lifed enchanters can bear the title Chrestomanci. They usually have weaknesses, Christopher Chant's weakness being silver and Eric Chant's weakness being that he can't do magic with his right hand, and, once it is found, they can do magic limitlessly. They have no counterparts in other worlds, which gives them the nine-lives required for the position.

Evil enchanter[]

Evil enchanters are enchanters that use their magic for evil. Apparently the only way one can become one is to do good things for bad reasons. The only evil enchanters seen in the books are Uncle Ralph and Neville Spiderman.

Notable Enchanters[]