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This is about Eric Chant and Gwendolen Chant's father. For Carol Oneir's dream character see Francis

Francis Chant




Caroline Chant (wife), Gwendolen Chant (daughter), Eric Chant (son), Christopher Chant (cousin), Conrad Chant (father)

Francis Chant was the husband of Caroline Chant and the father of Eric Chant and Gwendolen Chant. He also insulted Christopher Chant. He and his wife died in the Saucy Nancy disaster.

He and Christopher met in Wiltshire when they were both young boys, when Christopher came to stay with his family during holidays. Neither boy liked each other much. Christopher felt that Francis was a "stuck-up pratterel" and Francis felt that Christopher was quite useless as he appeared not to be able to do magic. Christopher was quite relieved when the holidays were finished, and he was able to go back to school.