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Gabriel de Witt was Chrestomanci before being succeded by Christopher Chant.


The Lives of Christopher Chant[]

At some point in his life Gabriel de Witt became Chrestomanci. He started an academy at Chrestomanci Castle for children with magical abilities. His office was beneath the staircase in the entrance hall of the Castle. Gabriel first met Christopher Chant when he was unconscious, although Christopher couldn't remember seeing him before. He was succeded by Christopher Chant who he tutored and, at the end of the book, gives a life to the goddess Asheth.

Stealer of Souls[]

Gabriel is briefly seen on his deathbed before his last life goes away. Mordecai Roberts and Miss Rosalie were looking after him after he retired. Neville Spiderman took his soul for a spell he was making which would make him into a ten-lifed enchanter and thus make him powerful. Gabriel's soul escaped with the help of Eric Chant and Tonino Montana.

Conrad's Fate[]

Gabriel refused to help Christopher Chant when Millie went to Series Seven, making Christopher look for her himself. He is mentioned in the book, and later appears in the book. He sends Conrad Tesdinic to Chrestomanci Castle when he discovers that Conrad has magical abilities.

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