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Michael Saunders






Tutor to Christopher Chant's children



Magical talent


Michael Saunders is the tutor of Chrestomanci's children and a member of Chrestomanci's staff. He is a magician.

Physical description[]

He is described as being "a young man."


Nothing is known about Michael Saunders previous life. Michael Saunders somehow became a tutor. Michael travels the world.

Charmed Life[]

Michael makes his first appearance in Charmed Life, where he collects Gwendolen Chant and Cat Chant from the station and takes them to Chrestomanci Castle by car (Cat gets carsick). Gwendolen throws ink on him. He also threatens to get Chrestomanci, who turns up. He also shouts at Janet Chant when she gives the wrong answer during history class about the Battle of Agincourt (in Twelve-A, where the book takes place, the French won the Battle of Agincourt instead of the English) and also when she doesn't know that the continent across the Atlantic Ocean is called Atlantis instead of America, due to Janet coming from Twelve-B. He also doesn't like Chrestomanci's dragon which was rescued by Chrestomanci after poachers killed its mother.

Stealer of Souls[]

Michael doesn't appear in the short story, as he is described as "being away in Greenland just now" by Cat.

The Pinhoe Egg[]

Michael appears in the book, telling the story about when he took a dragon to Series One.

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