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The Related Worlds, also called the Twelve Related Worlds, are the series of worlds in which the Chrestomanci stories takes place. They are a series of Earths that were once one world, but split off after the possible choices in history---especially geological history. The number of worlds in a given series is guessed to be nine, but it is said that there are thousands of versions of Earth in these Related Worlds. The World Edge links this vast collection of Earths. The Related Worlds can be travelled to by going through the World Edge. Christopher Chant thinks of the World Edge as the Place Between. He also thought of the Related Worlds as the Almost Anywheres when he was very young.

Series Eleven has but one world dominated by a being referred to as the Dright. This means that if the other eleven series are limited to nine worlds each, then there are only one hundred versions of Earth in the entire universe. This is known to be untrue. The number of nine worlds per series is, apparently, and old theory held to be obsolete by the time Christopher Chant becomes a candidate for the Chrestomanci.


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