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Series Eight is one of the Related Worlds. Described in the narrative of The Lives of Christopher Chant as bleak and stony, Christopher Chant visited a world in Series Eight with Tacroy. There they tried out an improved version of horseless carriage devised by Ralph Argent by picking up what were described as strong smelling parcels. Christopher was the only one who could put the parcels on the new carriage. Later it is revealed that Series Eight is the major source of illicit dragon's blood. Michael Saunders visited this series when he took a dragon he had raised back into the wild, since the dragon originated from Series Eight. The dragon did not like the habitat in Series Eight, so Saunders took it to another series.

Christopher Chant traveled to Series Eight after he suffered a fatal fall from an old tower of Chrestomanci Castle. Once he is on a world in eight that he has visited frequently, he is attacked and burned to a crisp by a dragon. So, once again, we see a situation in which an Enchanter loses a life in the series of his birth and also loses a life in another series right after he travels the Related Worlds.


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