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Series One is the oldest series of the Related Worlds. Apparently the version of Earth in Series One visited by Christopher Chant has a very highly advanced technology because it has a form of transport described in the narrative as ring trains. These are towers with hoops on the tops andthe trains roar throught the hoops at enormous speeds without touching anything. This is quite similar to a system Robert A. Heinlien described in one of his juvenile novels entitled Starman Jones. In Heinlein's system, the rings are electromagnetic and fling a bullet shaped vessel from one ring to the next. The vessels go by so fast that they emit sonic booms.

Series One is where the Great Mages reside, and is also the source of very potent weapons that caused Gabriel de Witt grave concern. According to Flavian Temple, the Great Mages of Series One discovered the Related Worlds and established the nomenclature for them.


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