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Series Six is one of the Related Worlds. Little is known about it because Christopher missed his appointment there owing to a silver tooth brace that a dentist gave him. The dentist had told him to wear it around the clock. He started losing sleep because of the brace plus, he was unable to reach World Edge. His repeated attempts to travel between the Related Worlds failed until a school Matron noticed that he was losing sleep. She told him not to wear his braces to bed anymore. Once he did not have any silver in his mouth he was able to reach World Edge and made a trip to Series Ten with the Millie series of books for The Living Asheth. It was this series of children's books that inspired The Living Asheth to take the name Millie once she escaped from Series Ten. Later in the Lives of Christopher Chant, Tacroy mentions that a world in Series Six is living in an ice age.


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