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Series Ten is one of the Related Worlds. The goddess Asheth is worshipped in Series Ten, and it contains the Temple of Asheth, home to Throgmorten the cat. This is the same series of worlds in which Ralph, Christopher Chant's smuggling uncle, tried to get a horseless carriage to materialize, but failed. Christopher and Tacroy found a vague image of the machine, but were unable to touch it. Christopher's hand passed right through the fading image without leaving a mark. It was also in this series that Christopher was given a set of bells that caught the eye of Miss Bell, the person Christopher refers to as The Last Governess. She accused Christopher of having stolen the bells. She took him to his mother and told her to contact Christopher's uncle, Ralph. Christopher's mother was upset, but she did contact Ralph who later came and examined the bells.

There is a second location in Series Ten that is visited by both Christopher and Tacroy. It is not clear whether it is the same world, but it is clear that the goddess Asheth is worshipped there. It is nothing like the first location we have seen on in Series Ten. This one is heavily industrialized. Christopher and Tacroy meet at a dock. Christopher is crushed by a falling hook at this location and wakes up in his upper bunk on Twelve-A. Later on he is struck in the head by a cricket bat and he wakes up in the morgue. It is at this time that Christopher is discovered to be an Enchanter with more than one life.

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