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The Lives of Christopher Chant is a book in the Chrestomanci series. It revolves around the young Christopher Chant as he is sent to Chrestomanci Castle.


Christopher Chant lives in London with his parents, Cosimo Chant and Miranda Chant. He is a lonely child without friends and with very little contact with his parents. He worries that he might one day see his father in the street and fail to recognise him. When he sleeps he is able to visit other worlds that he calls the Almost Anywheres. His governess discovers this and he is summoned by his mother, who introduces him to his Uncle Ralph, who intends to use Christopher for an experiment. Christopher travels through the Place Between where he meets a person called Tacroy. They travel to Series Ten and to the Temple of Asheth, where they meet The Living Asheth (Christopher's future wife, Millie). She tells him to get books from his world, because The Living Asheth is not allowed to touch anything from her world that isn't holy. In return for the promise of books she gives him a cat called Throgmorten. Later, Christopher is exposed as being a nine-lifed enchanter by his friend Oneir, who hits him on the head with a cricket bat. He wakes up in the morgue and leads everyone on a macabre but merry chase. Christopher is taken by his father to a man called Dr. Pawson, who reveals that his inability to perform ordinary magic is because he has a kind of allergy to silver. After that, a man called Flavian Temple transports Christopher to Chrestomanci Castle where he is to be trained to be the next Chrestomanci. Christopher dislikes the castle but discovers that Uncle Ralph was making him get items for a black market. Gabriel de Witt and his staff attempt to arrest Uncle Ralph and his accomplices but fail and are stripped of their magic. Gabriel de Witt's lives are scattered throughout the Related Worlds. Christopher must defeat Uncle Ralph himself with the help of Tacroy, Millie and the domestic staff.

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