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Throgmorten , a ginger tom, was the cat given to Christopher Chant by the Living Asheth in Series Ten. She was unaware that Christopher's Uncle Ralph was making him get it for a black market. Taking Throgmorten to Series Twelve World A cost Christopher one of his nine lives. He was speared by the Arm of Asheth in Series Ten and then after he returned to his home world, Twelve-A, he was killed by a heavy curtain rod that was accidentally dislodged by Throgmorten. The cat also can sprout extra legs and heads when angry, and he understands English as spoken by humans. One can ask him to do something and he may do it if he is so inclined. Throgmorten is not generally pleasant to humans and most of the Castle staff are wary of him but he is fond of Christopher.

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  • Throgmorten is one of several cats seen in the Chrestomanci series (the others including Proudfoot and Nutcase).
  • Throgmorten does not meow like other cats. He always says, "Wong." His purr is a sort of rumble that might be produced by wooden cogs not connecting very well.
  • Mordecai Roberts a.k.a. Tacroy, finds Throgmorten wandering around London and brings him to Chrestomanci Castle.
  • Gabriel de Witt is obliged to give everyone extra-tough protection spells so that Throgmorten cannot readily claw them.