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Tonino Montana



Magical talent

Making use of other people's spells


Antonio Montana (father) Elizabeth Montana (mother) Rosa Montana (sister) Corinna Montana (sister) Lucia Montana (sister) Paolo Montana (brother)




Caprona, Twelve-A

Tonino Montana is one of the members of the Casa Montana, a spell-house. His mother, Elizabeth Montana, is English and was brought up in Chrestomanci Castle around Gabriel de Witt's time. Tonino is a nickname, his full name is Antonio. Tonino has interesting magic which mainly involves using other people's spells.


Early life[]

Tonino was born into the Casa Montana in Caprona, Italy. The Casa Montana had a rivalry with the Casa Petrocchi, who blamed bad events on each other. The city-states surrounding Caprona prepared to declare war on Caprona.

Later Life[]

The current Chrestomanci, Christopher Chant took him to Chrestomanci Castle, much to the dislike of Cat Chant, and arranged him to see the previous Chrestomanci Gabriel de Witt, who was dying. Tonino and Cat also defeated the evil enchanter Neville Spiderman. He also went on holiday to the south of France with Chrestomanci's family and was taken home by Chrestomanci.

Physical description[]

Tonino is described in the books as "a skinny little boy".


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