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Ulverscote is a village near Chrestomanci Castle. It is the home of Marianne Pinhoe and her family, the Pinhoes, who are witches.



Early history[]

It is unknown when Ulverscote was founded, but it is presumed that it was founded at the time when people started turning against the Pinhoes, witches and magical creatures until they were conquered. At that time, Woods House did not exist, and there was the first Gammer. A househob took up residence at Woods House, and the residents persecuted it, referring to it and its kind as ungodly.

Later history[]

Years after, Marianne Pinhoe and Joseph Pinhoe began the summer holidays in Ulverscote. Gammer Edith Pinhoe went mad and attacked nurses with a grandfather clock, also sending various plagues to Helm St Mary, which the Farleighs sent back. After the hatching of Klartch, there was a battle between the families, which was stopped by Christopher Chant who had arrived on a flying machine made by Joseph Pinhoe and had nearly been shot by Jed Farleigh. He asked Marianne to come to Chrestomanci Castle in order to study dwimmer, which Marianne agreed to since she thought that she would learn new magic. Another of the inhabitants, Nicola, went to hospital.