Warlock at the Wheel' is a short story in Mixed Magics. It is set after the book Charmed Life and centers on the Willing Warlock.


The Willing Warlock has become a car-thief. One day, he makes an attempt to steal a car in Wolvercote which does not end well; he escapes from a policeman and visits an Accredited Witch who tells him of Jean-Pierre, a French wizard. Thinking that the French wizard will help him, the Willing Warlock robs a post office, with the postmistress helping him. The Willing Warlock steals a taxi after calling it and visits Jean-Pierre, who says that he will send him to another world where he will have his magic back (saying that it would be one where Chrestomanci is powerless). After being sent to another world, the Willing Warlock again tries to steal a car, but fails once again when the policewoman arrives. He tries to rob a bank, but once again fails when a man shouts that he is carrying a toy pistol. He escapes, despite many people's attempts (even being hit on the head by an old lady) to stop him. He finds a car, but it has a little girl inside (referred to as a "child" in the story) and a Demon Dog called Towser. The little girl orders him around for much of the story, after introducing herself as "Jemima Jane" along with Towser's repeated attacks and the car's voice. At the end, the man catches up with the Willing Warlock and reveals that he is the girl's father and that her real name is Prudence, and that the car was his. He also reveals that Towser has a secret name (as, apparently, do all Demon Dogs) and also tells him that he is Chrestomanci's agent and gives the Willing Warlock a choice: look after Prudence, the man's cars and Towser, or go to prison. The Willing Warlock chooses the latter, despite Prudence's boasting that he will take care of Towser and herself.