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Coven Street, Wolvercote

The Willing Warlock is a Warlock living on Coven Street in the village of Wolvercote. His name is never given in the series. He has a minor, non-speaking role in Charmed Life and is the main character of Warlock at the Wheel. He is hired for lifting heavy objects and making the wrong horse win at the races.

Physical description[]

He is described in the books as "a muscular young man always in need of a shave." It is never stated what colour his hair is.


Charmed Life[]

As mentioned above, the Willing Warlock has a minor, non-speaking role. His first appearance is when he gives Gwendolen Chant a gift. Later, he is seen taking to a witch. Near the end of the book, he nearly attacks Chrestomanci and is temporarily turned into a caterpillar. At the end of the book, his Magic is taken away from him by Chrestomanci.

Warlock at the Wheel[]

Without his magic, the Willing Warlock becomes a criminal; he steals cars and sells them to people. The story begins with his failed robbery of a car in Wolvercote. He runs to an Accredited Witch, one of his friends, who tells him about a French Wizard called Jean-Pierre who lives in Sheperd's Bush. Before going, he robs a Post Office. The Willing Warlock goes to Jean-Pierre who sends him to another world. He tries to rob a bank in order to get money to buy a car. His attempt fails when a man (later revealed to be Chrestomanci's agent) shouts that he is carrying a toy pistol. He steals the man's car and meets a Demon Dog called Towser and a girl who calls herself Jemima Jane, who bosses him around. At the end of the story, the man finds the Willing Warlock and tells him that the girl is really called Prudence and that she is his daughter.