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Witch Week is a BBC Radio adaptation of the novel of the same name. Adapted by playwright Lucy Caldwell, it featured Paul Rhys as Chrestomanci.[1]


Differences between the novel and the radio play[]

  • Inquisitor Littleton is omitted from the radio play. Consequently, Chrestomanci disappears prior to the utility of Simon’s reversed abilities.
  • In contrast to the novel, where characters communicate in slightly antiquated English, the radio play features characters using modern slang, such as Charles using “taking the mickey” at least once and Estelle addressing the rest of the party with the vocative “guys”.
  • The Prime Minister of 12Ba’s Britain is identified as Grenville Bone. This is unique only to the radio play and is not canon to the books.
  • A subplot is added concerning Mr Wentworth and his apparently-deceased wife, Lydia.